Assured Tips on How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs at Your Residence

If your residential place is also the residence of bed bugs, then it can be a big headache for you. However, if you have considered the killing and preventing of those bed bugs by your own, then you must be acquainted that the task is not at all easier as you used to think earlier. It is sure that there is NO easy way to get rid of bed bugs as all the processes are quite lengthy to eradicate them; however, it is not an impossible feat as well.

Here are some ways to control and prevent the bed bugs infestation.

Cleaning the Affected Items

It is needless to say, if you keep your home and its surroundings clean, there is a lower risk of infestation. Usually, the bed bugs prefer to infest on items like bed covers, mattress covers, pillow covers and comforters; hence, you should check the presence of those insects regularly on these places. Moreover, make sure that you remove and wash them regularly at high temperature so that if there is a possibility of infestation of the bed bugs in these items, they will be eliminated by high heat. If you use any dry cleaning service for your bedding items, don’t forget to warn the cleaner to wash those items separately so that there will be no risk of infestation in other items.

Regular Vacuuming

For eliminating the attack and infestation of bed bugs, you should vacuum your home regularly without leaving any crevice unattended. Though this method is not so effective to kill and prevent those insects, but it is useful to prepare the prevention before using other bed bug treatments. After vacuuming all the affected areas, when you are going to empty the vacuuming contents, empty them into a sealed plastic and throw way in a distant place.

Usage of Rubbing Alcohol

Another effective way of preventing and killing “bed bugs” is the use of rubbing alcohol that comprises of pure, concentrated ethanol (ethyl alcohol) or isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) holding around 70 percent by volume. Since it is an inflammable liquid, you must use it with utmost caution. You need to fill a spray bottle with this rubbing alcohol and apply to those places where you feel that they are prone to stay.

Applying Stream Cleaning

Stream cleaning is supposed to be the safest and most natural way of killing bed bugs and that’s why most of the pest control companies follow this method. Here you need to use a stream with the ability to reach to the temperature of more than 200 degree Fahrenheit and it can also sanitize other household items.

Using Pesticides

There are different kinds of pesticides and diatomaceous earth available in the market. However, before using them you need to know which are toxic and harmful for your household. You need to use those products following several precautions as these can be the reasons for breathing problems.

Asking for Professional Help

Getting rid of bed bugs is quite difficult task and it has often been seen that following a single process is not enough to prevent their infestation. Applying all these processes altogether may be quite time-consuming and tedious task. Therefore, if you are looking for how to get rid bed bugs, the best thing is to contact a reputation and experienced pest control service provider like Citra Pest Control that has year-long experience to prevent and eliminate the infestation of those tiny insects.